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Current Projects

Open Aeon Nodes

List of open public nodes
This list is updated every 30 minutes by a script which scans the AEON network peer list for nodes that have their RPC ports open (11181).

A remote public node will allow you to synchronize your wallet and send transactions to the AEON network, without you needing to run your own node.

To use these nodes: set your wallet to "". It will connect to an IP address randomly from this list. Our DNS record is updated every time the script runs, and non-responsive nodes will be removed quickly.

We don't run all of these nodes and we can't promise that any of them will work when or how you need them to work. You lose some privacy when you aren't using your own node. So use these at your own risk. However, a remote node can't steal your coins.

The script was adapted from Gingeropolous/moneriote, and it is available here:

Geolocated Node List

This is a manual list of open nodes around the world. We don't check these specifically, but if they are in the list above, they were operational within the last 30 minutes. Again, use them at your own risk.

DNS nameLocationIP address
us1.aeon-wallet.netUSA, Virginia52.3.235.156
us2.aeon-wallet.netUSA, Arizona50.63.13.223
nz1.aeon-wallet.netNZ, Auckland185.99.133.190
za1.aeon-wallet.netSouth Africa, Joburg169.239.128.143
in1.aeon-wallet.netIndia, Bangalore139.59.59.176
uk1.aeon-wallet.netUK, London178.128.38.162
ca1.aeon-wallet.netCanada, Toronto138.197.164.125
au1.aeon-wallet.netAustralia, Sydney139.99.195.96
jp1.aeon-wallet.netJapan, Tokyo149.28.19.82

Send us an email if you have a fast and reliable node and you want it included in this list.

Hidden Nodes

Currently, we don't run any hidden nodes. We are working on setting up one or more of them that will be accessible over TOR or i2p. If you have a hidden node and you would like it included here, please let us know.

Current Blockchain File

It is best to run your own node if you can. Depending on your internet connection, it may take a long time to synchronize a new node.

We maintain an up-to-date copy of the AEON blockchain, which you can use to "bootstrap" a new node and reduce the time it takes to synchronize with the network. This is updated daily at 04:00 UTC. Download: blockchain.raw. Use the "aeon-blockchain-import" utility to import the raw blockchain file. See here for instructions (substitute "aeon-blockchain-import" for "monero-blockchain-import").

Windows GUI Wallet

We are working on building a Windows GUI wallet. You will be able create a new wallet address, immediately synchronize with the network, and begin mining less than 60 seconds after installation. There is one special feature that we can't reveal yet.

Cryptocurrency Accessibility is committed to ensuring access for all users and we also encourage other community members to adhere to web accessibility standards. Everyone should be able to enjoy the lifestyle.

Aeon Space Radio Network

Do you want to spend your AEON from Mars? You can as soon as we release our node proxy (assuming you are already on Mars). Using a custom node with Software Defined Radio and Delay Tolerant Networking, you'll be able to transmit and receive AEON coins at your wallet address, regardless of your physical address within the Solar System. Look for our prototype coming in 2019. AEON is the blockchain for the space age.

Aeon Lifestyle

Join us on Twitter and celebrate the lifestyle: @AEONLifestyle


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